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Smoked Sausage and Corn Loaded Mashed Potatoes

Smoked Sausage and Corn Loaded Mashed Potatoes

Thanksgiving is coming up so soon, but I still don’t know what is going on with dinner. In the past few years, we cooked dinner at home and enjoyed the night with my sister. Yesterday, Bryan told me that one of our [...]

November 11, 2015 Cook, Side Dish
Apple Crumbles

Apple Crumbles

A couple of years ago, we went to an apple farm to pick apples. It was tons of fun and we picked many apples. With that amount of apples, it was hard to eat them all raw. So I found [...]

November 24, 2013 Cook, Dessert/Sweet
Turkey Legs

Thanksgiving Dinner

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! My Thanksgiving meal turned out great! I was most excited about the dinner rolls. Since I have never made it before, it can really turned into a disaster. But at the end, they [...]

November 27, 2012 Live
Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving Meal Planning

Thanksgiving is coming up next Thursday. Do you have a plan? I just came up with my menu yesterday. If you are still thinking about what to make, I have some recipe ideas for you below. Most of my recipes [...]

November 13, 2012 Live
Stuffed Cornish Hens

Stuffed Cornish Hens

My cute little Cornish hens came out to be delicious this Thanksgiving. It was very juicy, even the breast part. It was a lot easier to make than I would expect. And, I like the portion size. The stuffing was [...]

December 1, 2011 Cook, Poultry
Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving Meal

This Thanksgiving, I had a great and relaxing time. The meal went really well. My sister and I were the chefs. It took us less time to make 4 dishes than I expected. The cornish hens were moist and juicy. [...]

November 30, 2011 Eat
Thanksgiving Planning

Thanksgiving Menu 2011

Wow… Thanksgiving is next week already! This will be my 2nd Thanksgiving dinner that I am holding. I won’t be making turkey, because Bryan, my sister and I all didn’t like turkey much. I will be making Cornish hens instead. [...]

November 17, 2011 Live
Pumpkin Cupcake with Cream Cheese Icing

Pumpkin Cupcake with Cream Cheese Icing

This Thanksgiving, I was thinking to make some kind of pumpkin dessert. But I have made the pumpkin gooey bar (Read) for the past two years. I wanted to have something new and different. Finally, I have decided on this [...]

December 8, 2010 Cook, Dessert/Sweet
Turkey Sandwiches

Happy Turkey Day!

It was an excellent Thanksgiving weekend. Bryan, my sister and I were so stuffed after two big meals. For lunch, we were in my in-laws’ place. My in-laws are Salvadorans. They don’t do traditional American Thanksgiving. They have lunch gathering. [...]

November 29, 2010 Eat
Instant Thanksgiving Meal

Instant Thanksgiving Meal

Hate Thanksgiving cooking? I got you an instant Thanksgiving meal idea. This is very funny. Bryan and I were walking around Walgreens, and I found these! Haha…. I guess babies would love to have some mushy turkey and gravy too. [...]

November 19, 2010 Eat
Thanksgiving 2010 Planning

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

There is one more week until Thanksgiving. I think it is time to get moving. This will be my first Thanksgiving at home. For the first two years in the US, I didn’t really celebrate Thanksgiving. I didn’t know what [...]

November 17, 2010 Live